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About C.B. Daniel MD

About Scottsdale, AZ

About Dr. C. B. Daniel:

 Dr. C. B. Daniel is President of Cenegenics Phoenix, an anti-aging practice in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has 40 years of experience in the practice of general internal medicine. His current specialty practice for the last 7 years is in the new field of precision and functional medicine. This includes all aspects of the prevention and treatment of the chronic diseases of aging. I also spent four years as Chief Financial Officer at ATMDS, which provides onshore and offshore coding solutions for hospitals and emergency rooms. ATMDS owns, develops and distributes Patient Tracker, an electronic medical records solution that operates on Windows PCs, Palm PDAs, Pocket PCs, and Smartphones.

About Dr. William McAllister:

About Scottsdale, AZ

Dr. William McAllister completed Medical School at Northwestern University in Chicago and Surgery training at the University of Oregon Hospitals. He was trained in General, Vascular, and Cosmetic Surgery.

He developed a very successful referral Vascular and Endocrine Surgery practice in Portland Oregon. He was a member of The American College of Surgery, The American Board of Surgery, and other Professional Societies.
Dr. McAllister served as Chief of Surgery at his Hospital and Was selected by his Medical Peers as one of the best Surgeons In Portland, Oregon.  Dr. McAllister is now joining Dr. C.B. Daniel in Scottsdale, Arizona to bring the knowledge he acquired in his Surgical training and experience to Age Management Medicine.

Having performed complex Surgery to correct the effects of vascular and endocrine failure in advanced disease, he is committed to helping patients avoid many of the adverse effects experienced with aging.

With appropriate evaluation, testing, education, and treatment many of these adverse changes can be anticipated and prevented.  Those adverse changes that do exist can often be corrected or the function improved with current care available.